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Keep contact to your students in this time of crisis

Tyll Zybura | 19 Mar 2020

This is a call to teachers and supervisors to take proactive steps to keep in (virtual) touch with your students in a time of crisis.

Magic questions to ask students about their writing

Tyll Zybura | 27 Nov 2019

In my writing supervision I focus on process instead of results and on reflection instead of adherence to rules to help students experience more agency over their writing when they become aware of their own writing strategies.

Congruent self- and supervisor assessment

Tyll Zybura | 7 Aug 2019

Students often express that my responses to their writing are in consonance with their own self-assessment, which motivates them to revise their papers. The specific form of my responses facilitates this congruity, and here’s why.

On ‘embracing mediocrity’

Tyll Zybura | 6 Mar 2018 | 1 comment

Students often have an unhealthy all-or-nothing attitude toward their work which increases stress levels. They relax a bit when they learn to prioritize their work and allow themselves to ‘embrace mediocrity’ on low-stakes tasks to save time and energy.

Downscaling course prep tasks

Tyll Zybura | 2 Mar 2018

When students don’t do my prep assignments, I teach them how to ‘downscale’ homework instead of not doing it at all. This leads to homework being done more consistently as it empowers students to consciously manage their resources and priorities.

No apologies necessary

Tyll Zybura | 5 Jul 2017

In my experience as a teacher, students apologize far too much. I think that is troubling, so I try to reframe their ‘failure’ to meet some formal expectation or other as a chance to take control of their own learning.

For strategies-based teaching

Tyll Zybura | 7 May 2017

Against the rhetoric of competency-based teaching, I set a rhetoric of teaching strategies which focuses on the resources that students already have rather than on their presumed deficiencies.